Build CPG

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I use Build CPG for?

Use Build CPG to find anything from ingredients like almonds or cassava flour to freight carriers. It has contacts for whatever you need to drive forward without waiting for replies.
Use Build CPG as your single source of vetted resources for building your CPG business. We’re continuing to build out resources, and would love your recommendations for what to focus on next!

Why is there a cost? Can’t I find this online by Googling?

Searching takes a lot of time, and usually the results aren’t exactly what you need. We spent hours consolidating the spreadsheets, lists and websites into Build CPG - so that you can find things easier and faster. We get you going sooner and faster than all your hunting, and are confident you can easily make a positive ROI from our resources.
If you are going through hardships and can’t afford the monthly investment, email us.

Why is this so cheap?

While CPGer’s get undisputed value from Build CPG, we know dollars are tight. The cost covers some coffees for our team as we continue to improve, grow and curate these resources.

Will I get updates when new items are added?

Yes! Once you purchase, Build CPG is constantly updated and you'll be notified by email as each new item gets added. We value quality over quantity, and will be removing items if we hear negative reviews and add items as we uncover new resources.

What form is Build CPG in?

Airtable - so you can easily get to what you need by filtering by areas like name, geography, or category. Search is also super easy. And no, you don't need an Airtable account to access Build CPG.

I need ongoing help. Do you offer consulting?

Sure - we’d love to help unblock you! Send us an email to chat.

Who's behind this product?

We’re two friends, founders and industry folks who got tired of searching and love being organized and methodical and structured in building our businesses. We share a love for helping early stage founders and anything that helps ease the pain of not knowing - read more about us here.

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